Revisiting Andy Warhol’s Love Affair with the East End

In 2015, we saw what might have been the most hyped-up real estate occurrence that the East End had seen in ages—the selling of Andy Warhol’s Montauk Estate. Hitting the market for a #very #cool $50,000,000, news publications both far and wide had their respective junior editors scrambling in an attempt to be the first to provide the internet with the deal’s need-to-know details, however, none of these would be a more enlightening (and perhaps buyer-convincing) account of the story than Montauk Life’s insightful piece titled, Andy Warhol in Montauk.

Riddled with both humanizing and immortalizing anecdotes, Andy Warhol in Montauk details everything you might never know you wanted to know about the man and his love for Montauk—from his dramatic real estate hunt with East Hampton realtor and former Vogue art director, Tina Fredericks, to transvestites sleeping on the roof of Peter Beard’s car, to feeding champagne to Mick Jagger’s 4 year old daughter in exchange for showing him how to play Monopoly.

We’ll leave you with this modest quote from Warhol featured in the article: “All the motels were overflowing with groupies. Two girls with no hair and black cats on leashes followed them all the way to Montauk. Mr. Winters—the caretaker of the estate—found them hiding in the bushes!” Check out the full revisit, here.