Mikey DeTemple’s Artisanal Lifestyle

One of the first people that comes to mind when I think about style is Mikey DeTemple. If I recall correctly, I was having a mediocre lunch in Florida (like half a decade ago) when Mikey’s film Picaresque began playing on an overhead TV. Everything about that film blew my mind to smithereens. The unconventional surfing, the perfectly-paired music, the lighthearted editing — every aspect of that film, both big and small, had a rhythm and flow that was so new and so incredibly experiential.

Since then, Mikey’s been able to produce and be featuring heaps of work that are defined by his unique style. Earlier this morning I stumbled across a video feature on Mikey that jogged my memory back to that first Picaresque viewing, and more importantly, how rad it is that we as people have the ability to embrace our individuality and draw our own lines in much of what we do.

The feature below takes a cool look at Mikey’s upbringing, influences and current day-to-day. It’s softspoken, appropriately well-edited and includes a few clips of Mikey dancing his way down the line. Enjoy.