Manolo Robles Gets Weird on a Penny Skateboard and We like It

Despite being your campus fraternity’s vehicular mode of choice in 2015, the Penny Skateboard has proved its worth to everyone through summertime commutes to the beach, early evening trips to the corner store and even the occasional late night rendezvous (**confirmed**). The overly-flexible, miniature skateboard has also unburdened many older siblings by removing the “drop off and pick up little bro” commitment that once plagued each summer. For this, many are thankful.

Of course, the aforementioned blessings are not the fullest extent of the Penny’s contributions. A gent by the name of Manolo Robles set out to prove that the Penny is much more than an Point-A-to-B cruiser board, and as of today, we can affirm that he was successful.

Manolo released his efforts in 3 minute video edit that is certain to blow your mind. Even the guy that voted to brand Penny has a legitimate skateboarding company instead of a cruiser board company is sitting at his teak desk on the 46th floor of corporate with his jaw to the floor. “I was right? Holy shit — I was right.”

Check out Manolo’s insanity in its entirety, below.