Jim Cantore Needs a New Beanie

If you don’t know who Jim Cantore is, we’re curious—and a bit skeptical—as to where you get your weather-news from. Widely regarded as a rockstar among weather forecast royalty, and known as”the face of impending doom” among common-people, the 53-years-young meteorologist is known for enthusiastically covering some of most highly anticipated and dangerous storms the U.S. over the past 30 years.

With Winter Storm Stella only having one intriguing facet of storm to report on, we found ourselves filling the “epic weather” void with some old gems of Cold Jimmy. Above is one of our favorites, which just hit over 4.5m views, featuring Jim as he gets increasingly fired up over a phenomena known as “Thundersnow.”

Note: You might’ve also noticed that his beanie looks like its on his way out. Jim, if you’re reading this, drop us line at hello@whalebonemag.com and we’ll make sure you get one of these bad boys. If you are not Jim Cantore, but you think he’s badass like we do, feel free to cop one yourself. Maybe watch this bonus link in which he combats an on-air attack from a college student without breaking train of thought.