In Retrospect: A Month After the Whalebone Launch

It’s been a month since the Whalebone Media launch, and what a month it has been!

The reception from the community— fans, followers, readers, attendees, clients, partners, lovers, haters and so on— has been overwhelmingly grand and we can’t thank everyone enough for the feedback, insight and support.

This weekend we wanted to take a look back at the launch party. Why? Well, we had a badass time, that’s why! There were hundreds of people, both friends and family, who came together to celebrate with us that day, and we couldn’t be more stoked on how it all turned out.

We see this post as a way of showing everyone how much of a blast we had, and how the party set the tone for the amount of fun we have been having recently supplying the East End with their new go-to publication.

The Photo Booth says it all… Thank you for the support! And for all those who came to the party, you’re welcome for the photos. They are classic.

Shout out to Photo Booth Planet for the hook up on all the photo fun, Sole East for the party digs, DJ Japancakes and The Montauk Project for the tunes and Montauk Brew Co. for the delicious, and surprisingly potent beverages.

Editor’s note: You know all those pictures up top there? (look) Yea, those ones. It’s a gallery. Slide through them and find your shot from the party amongst the rest by clicking the arrows on the left or right side of the slider.