Sometime Around Midnight: Café No Sé

If you didn’t already know, Ilegal Mezcal is one of our favorite + most beautifully-balanced alcoholic beverages, with a notorious history that includes smuggling and weeklong parties. These guys are always up to something. So when they went radio silent on us for a couple weeks, we knew they were up to no good. But what kind of no good?

Once a year, the Ilegal Mezcal team takes 20 of the top players from the hospitality industry and a few musicians down to visit Antigua, Guatemala… and each night of the trip ends within the walls of Café No Sé, usually over mezcal, live music & backroom dice games—Central American baller type stuff.

@ilegalmezcal memories of @cafenose & Antigua ? #eljefe ?: @oaxacking

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On the final night of the trip the squad came together over dinner, which was cooked by a chef brought down from the US & a few local chefs. 

This year’s dinner was a Kamayan style feast—beautify cooked by chef Miguel Trinidad of Jeepney in NYC. 

#fbf to the beautiful dinner in Antigua created by Chef Miguel of @jeepneynyc || #ilegalmezcal #dinner #cafenose

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Maybe you’re thinking something like this is for you? Something you might want to experience yourself. Do it. Live.

Book a ticket to Guatemala City & hop on a shuttle to Antigua. Get dropped off at Café No Sé, which opens around 2pm-ish, or follow @IlegalMezcal and see when they throw their next mezcal bar pop-up.