Someone You Should Know: i hate blonde

The Queen of Indoor Glamour Shares Some Tips on How to Stay Inside

“i hate blonde” is a state of mind and a maybe theoretical place full of Champagne, angel wings, paint-splattered floors and plenty of balconies. Those are things you might envision while reading a Neruda poem, however, for Rachel Lynch, creator of the blog (and the inner-world) she calls i hate blonde, that’s just an average day. Given that she is a queen of indoor glamour we thought right now would be a great opportunity to chat with Rachel about her style, her passions and how to make your stay indoors a bit more romantic, and subsequently a bit happier.

First, can you tell us a little bit about yourself and how you got into what you’re doing now.
I’ve been doing what I do now for 10 years! I started my blog in my freshman dorm room, but had previously been taking pictures of my outfits with my dad in downtown Detroit since high school. I started wearing strictly vintage clothing when I was a sophomore, I’d spend hours at the local bookstore digesting fashion magazines. Especially magazines from France, like Lui and Jalouse. I couldn’t get enough. I knew I had a unique take on style and life in general, so that gave me the courage to start sharing it online.

You make staying inside feel pretty glam, how do you do it?
Lots of literature, black coffee, Champagne, inspiration and lingerie. If you take care of yourself, you feel good. I like the exercise every morning, I try not to overindulge or do things that would make me feel bad about myself. Sexuality starts with you—and if you don’t turn yourself on, how are you supposed to convince other people? Everything I do is primarily for myself, from there I’m able to feel inspired enough to share it with others.

You shoot a lot outside and on balconies, what is the strangest reaction you’ve ever gotten, and what is the most positive?
One guy, must have been a street musician, started serenading me with his guitar on Wooster Street in Soho, at our old loft. I don’t think I’ve ever gotten a negative reaction [laughs].

Your favorite places to visit abroad?
I love London and Southeast Asia.

Who does all of the shooting with you? And do you style each shoot yourself?
I do all of my own styling, I usually see how I want to style something in a dream while I’m sleeping. I’ll wake up and have to write it in the notes on my phone. Or I’ll get a styling idea or concept for a shoot while I’m running. Running outside feels like a connection to God and Heaven.

I have an amazing assistant who interned with me when she was in college and now moved to New York a year ago. We have such wild adventures—running around the city, sneaking into places, taking the subway.

Can you tell us your favorite camera to shoot with?
Contax T3—all my content is shot on film.

Underrated Champagne and food pairing?
Champagne literally goes with anything, I swear…

I think all genders can see themselves in me.

Essentials for an artist stuck indoors?
The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron. Empty sketchbook and pen.

What is the role of female empowerment in your photography?
My work is meant to inspire people. It’s a celebration of myself, yes, but I want you to be able to see yourself in my photos. I want you to pretend that you are on the balcony in that outfit. I want you to try that outfit on at home, inspire yourself and feel beautiful. I think all genders can see themselves in me, it’s not necessarily limited to female.

Besides photography, what are some other mediums you love?
Writing words. Painting.

Your all-time style icons?
Edie Sedgwick and Mary-Kate Olsen.

What’s on your all-time favorite reading list?
Man’s Search for Meaning, Metamorphosis and Letters to a Young Poet.


Follow Rachel through NYC’s balconies at @ihateblonde