Have Fish, Will Travel

I think we’ve made it pretty clear that the fishing industry is a big part of our culture, economy and heritage. Day after day we order the basket of golden tile fish n’ chips, the stuffed flounder, the lobster roll, and rarely do we think, “Where the hell did this fish even come from?”

Nine out of ten times, we pretty much know that it came from the local waters of the North Atlantic, and boy are we lucky to have that luxury. But what about those folks out in Chicago? The ones sitting at the dinner table, eating a nice tuna slab, thinking, “I know this thing didn’t come from Lake Michigan …” Well this one’s for you guys.

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We caught up with Brian and Asa Gosman — the brains and hands behind Gosman’s, one the East End’s most legendary seafood hotspots — who are taking their business and incredible-tasting seafood to cities all over the East Coast and beyond.

Below you’ll find more than a handful of interesting facts, as well as the cities all over the U.S. where you can expect to find the unique taste of the East End.

Whalebone: How many species of fish are caught and sold in Montauk/at Gosman’s?

Gosman’s: 20 species.

Ballpark — how much total?

We sell about 5-10,000 lbs a day. We sell 100,000 lbs of stripe bass a season and about 400,000 lbs of tuna.

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Average cost of tuna per pound at market?

Tuna is about $7 whole and $13 loin.

Average cost of lobster per pound?

Lobster is $7-10.

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Total number of accounts?

We have about 250 accounts.

What destinations do Gosman’s fish hit?

  • Local – East End
  • NYC
  • Boston
  • Philly
  • LA
  • DC
  • Chicago

Time from boat-to-dish?

Time can be anywhere from 1-12 hours. Some fish are actually caught in the morning and at table by dinnertime.

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Amount of ice used annually?

Ice —about 1500 tons a year.

Any other cool facts or stats on Gosman’s fish worth mentioning?

We’ve been seeking and selling fish since the early 1950s.