The Goodlife Guide to Lounging



Chances are pretty good you’re looking forward to some time off and a little R&R, which probably means you’ll be hunkered on the couch during the holiday break. Here’s how to do it right.

What we’re watching

Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee. Simply because that’s all my brain can handle at the moment. No crazy storylines or riveting endings to keep me pissed off until the next season drops.
-Pat Fallon

The Office… for the 43rd time.

Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. Paired with a gin martini and the majesty of being a Jew in the 1950s. My people.

The Good Place. Getting ready for The Good Issue of Whalebone Magazine.

The Mt. Baker Snow Report

-Danielle, who doesn’t really give herself much of a binge window.

Narcos: Mexico. Surprisingly comforting and nostalgic for a show about a brutal drug cartel.

Scrooged. A classic very Murray Christmas.
–Chris from Goodlife

What to Eat

And because we appreciate a theme and the title works in every way possible, we’d suggest these recipes from the very bingable Binging with Babish. Oliver Babish scrapes recipes from the residue of pop-culture to arrive at a warm, happy place. Cook along at home or just watch them. Up to you.

Start your morning off right with this “cholesterol Katrina” from Archer.


Can there be any higher calling than making bacon pancakes?


Since we’re into themes today here’s a little snack for Danielle while she’s watching Elf.


Binging with Babish came to the rescue when Rick & Morty fueled a frenzy for McDonald’s long-discontinued Szechuan Sauce.


As Rea says, any dish that can make a woman ache for the touch of Jon Favreau is a winner.


What to Wear

You could lounge around in any old sweatpants and your college hoodie, but why would you when you can be swaddled in soft alpaca wool?

Micro French Terry Sweatshirt, Goodlife Clothing

Slim Sweatpant, Goodlife Clothing

Alpaca Shawl Cardigan, Goodlife Clothing

Now you’re ready for serious lounging.