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While the Whalebone charity for under-educated whales may not be the first charity that comes to mind when you consider who to donate toward, we do want to express the importance of whales learning math. But if you don’t care about algebraic whales. We know some other good people doing good things too.

These days, it can be hard to know what charities are worth supporting, but rest assured that all the organizations below have both oars in the water, so to speak.


Water is a healer for all of us. That can be a trite sentiment, but A Walk on Water imbues it with real meaning. Since its launch in 2012, AWOW has helped over 2,000 children and adults, with varying disabilities, experience the healing powers of the ocean. Specializing in surf therapy, trained instructors give their pupils a full day of fun in and by the water—including surf instruction, yoga, art, live music and healthy snacks for all. Looking to not only bring a day of fun to families but to also expand the types of treatment available to them, AWOW brings the ocean to those who might not have gotten a chance to experience it otherwise.

Specializing in surf therapy, trained instructors give their pupils a full day of fun in and by the water

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For the fine people over at Surfrider the mission is simple: Protect our oceans and waterways at all costs.. Their work starts with engaging environmental experts in order to create solutions that will help save our environment. Their goals include clean water, coastal preservation, combating ocean plastic and ensuring that beach access is readily available for all to enjoy. With chapters all over the country, volunteering is easy and essential. Or if you’d like to help out by donating to the cause, they make that nice and easy for you.

The mission is simple: Protect our oceans and waterways at all costs.

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Founded by former professional surfer Jon Rose, Waves for Water’s their goal should be obvious to the world: everyone deserves clean water. In an effort to make this mantra come to life, Rose wrung out his wetsuit and swapped his board for water filters, and we should all be glad he did. Since 2009, Waves for Water has helped over 7 million people gain access to cleaner water—and not by handing out bottles of free water, but by giving people the ability to make their own clean drinking water. The DIY program, a network of travelers who take filters with them in their luggage, helped the foundation circumnavigate some of the issues facing other organization’s mass distribution efforts. Beyond the wildly important filter distribution, the program also coordinates mass relief efforts around global disasters—responding to almost every major crisis in the last 4 years.

To join the courier program, donate, buy a filter for someone who needs it or start a fundraiser, visit



Kind Surf is a Spanish organization specializing in surf therapy for children with varying types of mental disabilities, as well as kids in lower socioeconomic situations. Their belief is that it is extremely beneficial for these children to enjoy the fun, as well as a therapeutic experience that the ocean can provide. It aides them in their personal growth in addition to their overall happiness. The group holds events up and down the coasts of Spain, and with a network over 1,000 volunteers, it continues to change lives and exceed expectations at an ever-growing pace.

To help Kind Surf continue to make a positive impact,please visit to become a volunteer or donate.



Founded by pro surfer Jesse Billauer, Life Rolls On focuses on getting people with spinal cord injuries back on their boards. Surfboards, skateboards—Jesse believes there are no limits, and he would know. At the age of 17, Jesse broke his neck while on his surfboard, taking away his ability to walk. That never slowed him down. Since 2001, Jesse has been getting people back in motion and brightening lives. Life Rolls On holds a free “epic” surf and skate event for wheelchair athletes, and its intention is to ignite the belief that all things are possible. The tour has expanded to 16 cities and shows no sign of slowing its roll now.

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Positive Vibe Warriors know the “stoke,” and its members are dedicated to making sure the stoke for the ocean lives on with the next generation. The Gudauskas Family, founders of Positive Vibe Warriors, know their stuff too, spending almost all of their childhoods around the sea and cultivating a lasting love for it—their focus is on raising money to help fund water-centric organizations in different communities. Everything from water-safety training to ocean conservation. With a mission to inspire people to want to make a difference, their stoke-o-rama mantra remains solid.

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