Fissures: a short film by Morgan Maassen

Filmed and edited by Morgan Maassen

It’s a compendium of various moments, visions, places, like a dreamscape… but also, simply, a longform visual odyssey.

Seems that Mr. Morgan Maasen combs through his video vaults at the end of each year, or maybe the beginning of the new one. But around this time it’s always fine to see what he’s got in store. This one’s got basically jellyfish in space and much, much more beautiful weirdness and was filmed a little here, and a little there, and set to a pretty chill killer soundtrack.

A sequence of no meaning, a puzzle of vignettes. Like a dream…

Shot in Tahiti, Maldives, Indonesia, Australia, Philippines, Mexico, France, USA, Italy, China, Chile and Greenland. Maybe a couple of other places.

Track List:
Woo – “Deep Within”
East Village Radio – “The Owl Service”
Richard Hawley – “Last Orders”
Flying Lotus – “Puppet Talk”
Monster Rally – “Birds Pt. 2”
Johnny Greenwood – “I’ll Follow Tomorrow”
Noel Nicola – “Johnny, No Sabe Porque”
Tomppabeats – “Woolen Mittens”
Fear Street Super Chillers – “Short Spell”
Saint Etienne – “United World”
Davidd Winter – “La De Da De Dum”
Gyorgi Ligetti – “Requiem For Soprano”
Philip Glass “Protest”
Onra – “Opium Delirium”
Tomppabeats – “The Girl Next Door”
Tommy Guerrero – “Interlude Train Of Thought”
Dirty Beaches – “Good Bye Edmonton”
Pantha Du Prince – “Urlichten”
Kraftwerk – “Endlos Endlos”
Woo – “Deep Within”