Danny Clinch @ Bleecker

4x5 RPM, a New York City Experience with Danny Clinch x Whalebone
Presented by VMP and Lee

World-famous music photographer Danny Clinch is going on exhibit at the Whalebone shop on Bleecker.

The crew is fortunate to have Mr. Clinch with his exhibition “4×5 RPM, A New York City Experience with Danny Clinch x Whalebone” beginning on April 19 and on display until the end of June. The back room of the Bleecker shop will be transformed into a world of music photography in celebration of both Whalebone Magazine’s Photo Issue and Music Issue—it ain’t gonna be bad looking is what we’re saying. Stop in to take a long look—prints will be available for purchase.

Mid April-Late August | Whalebone on Bleecker | 328 Bleecker Street

Large format 4x5 black and white photograph of Tupac taken by Danny Clinch. Tupac looks to the right off camera. He's shirtless with arms held behind his back.