Location Spotlight: East Hampton

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A Guide to the Hamptons

Not quite the end, but almost. The easternmost part of the Hamptons—called none other than East Hampton. Seems to make sense. The early Hamptonites were extremely literal, naming the first three houses built on the land “First House,” “Second House,” and “Third House.” Running along the coast of Long Island, East Hampton offers an ideal stretch of beaches paired with a nice little village home to a handful of hidden gems. 

Jackson Pollock and Lee Krasner
Courtesy of Archives of American Art

What to do:

LVIS for thrift store finds

Sustainable and affordable, LVIS thrift store can help you find a new wardrobe and a good book. Donations are accepted by appointment if you’re looking to do some July spring cleaning. 

The Clubhouse 

Perfect for families, The Clubhouse is every kid’s dream. Not only do they have bowling, an arcade, and mini golf for the kids, but they also have some pretty spiffy events for the adults. Amy Schumer stand-up show, anyone?

Pollock-Krasner House

If you’re big into art, or just want to see how two cool people lived, check out Jackson Pollock and his wife, Lee Krasner’s house. Still kept the way they left it, with Lee’s books in order and Jackson’s paint splatters on the floor. Paintings not included. 

The Art House East Hampton
Courtesy of @booking.com

Where to stay:

1770 House

More than 250 years old, the 1770 House has seen a lot. In the heart of East Hampton Village, this hotel incorporates its colonial charm with modern amenities. 

The Mill House Inn

Appropriately sloganed “the art of hospitality,” The Mill House Inn sure knows how to make their guests feel like they’re at home. Just ask the personal assistants. 

Art House 

Appropriately named due to its location within the artists community of East Hampton, the Art House is decked out: a 66 foot pool, a wading pool, an indoor infinity pool and a hot tub with a waterfall. Our favorite part is the open 24-hour stocked pantry. 

Where to eat:

The Blue Parrot

Dive bar and restaurant, The Blue Parrot offers delicious tacos and killer margaritas. Happy hour is daily from 4-6. Cheers.  

Nick & Toni’s

If you’re looking for some classic Italian food, the search is over. Located on Main Street, Nick & Toni’s is open Wednesday – Sunday. Mangiamo. 

Bostwick’s Chowder House

You can’t be ten minutes from the beach and not eat any seafood. That’s like… you just shouldn’t do it. Family friendly, their kids menu is called the “guppy menu.” Have you booked a reservation yet?