Cara Maria Accepts Our Challenge

A Friendly Little Conversation Between Cara and Jordon

A little background, ya girl has been a Challenge fan for as long as it’s been around, since Road Rules existed. You may be surprised to know that The Challenge continues to be a ratings beast, year after year, even growing in popularity. I believe we’re on season 35 at the moment, and it shows no signs of slowing down. This Big Brother on steroids has the drama you might crave from any reality TV show but it also has an aspect that makes it not unlike a professional sport—super fucking hard physical competition, with an attachment to your favorite players.

Suffice to say she is still a badass player and still my favorite.

New Fresh Meat competitor with neat hair Cara Maria Sorbello became this emo kid’s instant favorite. That was back in season 12. I’m nothing if not loyal. Suffice to say she is still a badass player and still my favorite (CT you’re a close second). Cara has appeared in multiple finals with 39 challenge wins. And, as it turns out, she competes in some off-season races with our friends over at Spartan. Sigh. So much in common. So when I slunk into the DMs I was pretty jazzed she wanted to give a few minutes of her time to answer some questions.

We got to talking about life on The Challenge, being on a reality TV show with your partner (shout out Paulie, burn it all to the ground) and who might benefit from some Spartan off-season conditioning. She said everyone, so get your shit together.

For all the people in the back, who are living their lives incorrectly, explain The Challenge to someone who has never seen it.

Cara Maria Sorbello: Cross between Real World, Survivor and Fear Factor.

Retired Challenge competitors have a habit of reappearing. If you could bring one retired cast member back, who would it be?

Cara: Who is ever really retired these days anyway?  Would love to see Darrell back though. He’s a monster.

You get to compete with your partner, Paulie, (alliance with benefits). What is the best part about having your significant other in The Challenge House with you? 

Cara: The best part: we have each other’s best interests at heart 100 percent. Plus snuggles at night.

How do you guys deal with having your relationship so open to the public? 

Cara: I don’t care about public. I don’t even desire to look at social media when I am with him. I am just happy to be in his arms. We know what’s real. Our friends know what’s real. That’s all that matters. We take our public selves as nothing more than characters. A healthy separation between our TV “roles” and who we are in real life is important.

We know what’s real. Our friends know what’s real. That’s all that matters.

When and why did you start participating in Spartan races?

Cara: Years ago. I wanted extra training for The Challenge. Plus I just freakin’ love them. I hate running for the sake of running. I actually don’t mind running when I am running to something, like an obstacle or an ice cream.

Who from the cast could benefit from some Spartan training? 

Cara: Literally anyone who wants to be better.

Pick two: Yoga, Crossfit or Pilates
Cara: Picking one. Crossfit. You can add kickboxing in there as well.

How do you cope with having to be emotionally vulnerable publically, on-air arguments or twitter bashing? Most of us can barely cope with a terse email.
Cara: If you know who you are, why be bothered by those who actually don’t?

I need to know how you came to be sponsored by Applebee’s
Cara: I’ve lived in Montana for years and have never been able to go to the Applebee’s because nobody would come with me. One time when Paulie was out and we were wondering what to do on a date I casually asked him if he would like to go to Applebee’s. I assumed he would laugh at me and say no. But when he jumped on it enthusiastically, we literally got in the car and drove right there. We both love it. We had a blast doing stories and being dorks during the date. We got lots of happy responses from followers and even a nod from Applebee’s. So we put the feelers out ourselves if they would want to work with us. They said of course and we got to eat more Applebee’s. We couldn’t be happier!

“War of the Worlds” was my favorite season to film because of how happy I was in my little love bubble with Paulie.

In your opinion, which Challenge season was the hardest for you? Physically or mentally or both?
Cara: Hardest final: “War of the Worlds.” Hardest season: “Free Agents.” Hardest to watch: “War of the Worlds.”

Odd fact, “War of the Worlds” was my favorite season to film because of how happy I was in my little love bubble with Paulie. But it was hard to watch because of how the unfortunately forced triangle narrative played out.

If you could choose anyone to run a final with (besides Paulie) who would it be?
Cara: CT. Always CT.

3 puzzles or 1 eating challenge? [Sometimes on The Challenge, the contestants have to put horrendously foul things in their mouth, but somehow they all hate puzzles more.]
Cara: Eating. Always.

Last question: Bananas or Wes?

Cara: Paulie


Catch Cara and the show you’ve been missing out on Wednesdays on MTV.