Burkle Chronicles Volume I: In Search of Bluefin Tuna

My fiancé Kalie Peters, my brother Jonathan, his wife Darcy and I set south of Montauk with the collective goal of crossing paths with the highly migratory bluefin tuna, which make their way past Montauk in early summer. Inshore, we found a fleet of boats but a lack of sea life — so we made the decision to push further south. A few miles later, we spotted some fish hitting the surface and in the distance, the presence of whales.


Photo: Justin Burkle | @41degreesnorth

It was not long after slowing the boat and deploying the trolling spread that we were greeted with the zinging sound of our lines peeling off their reel at high speed. After a short fight, two small bluefin tuna were brought aboard.We released both fish after a few photos, still in search of larger fish. Working the same area where we got our first bite, another double header came on. The ladies work the rods reeled the fish boat-side — fish that were considerably bigger than the last. One, a 40-lber, was kept for the table.


Photo: Justin Burkle | @41degreesnorth

As the day worn on we had two more bites, finishing the day and going 7/7  on bluefin tuna — all within sight of land. These fish will eventually move both eastward and northward, but as of right now, we can attest that there is significant tuna action to be had just south of Montauk.


Photo: Justin Burkle | @41degreesnorth