BOYTOY Can Surf Too

Brooklyn based rock trio BOYTOY is crushing it these days. Whether it’s at SXSW, touring up and down the East Coast or rocking some surf in Rincon, PR during the winter, they are always up to something. Somehow, they are also finding the time to produce a new record, expected to be out this summer.

Photo Credit: Jesse Untracht-Oakner @juophotography

Photo Credit: Jesse Untracht-Oakner @juophotography

According to CMJ, their appropriately self titled debut EP., “lean[s] a little towards an early ’90s alt-pop-gaze thing, like Lush on a budget. Finding their sweet spot will be fun to behold as they progress, starting with what’s sure to be some breakout performances at CMJ Music Marathon this year.”

Florida born but Brooklyn bred lead guitarist Glenn Van Dyke hammers away on her axe with some unique sounds, and manages to build her own skateboards in the meantime.

“Im just a debutante trying to make shit happen,”Glenn said. If you ask us, you should definitely check out their music videos too! Our particular favorite is for the single titled, “Blazed,” and you can see how Glenn, lead singer Saara Untracht-Oakner, and drummer Matty Beans are trying to bring back that old school videos you used to pay for cable TV to see.

In the meantime though, keep an eye out for their album coming out this summer, check out their single “Blazed” below and read this from our friends at CMJ.