Audrey Amelie’s Montauk is Radically Brilliant

Audrey Amelie Rudolf is a New York-based fashion photographer that also dabbles in experimental photography via creative filters and double exposures. Recently, Audrey spent some time in our beloved Montauk, logging in (what looks to be) a #healthy #amount of hours at Ditch Plains.

Above, you will find her lovely and unique captures from her stint on the East End, and below, Audrey offers insight into her visit as well as its invigorating affect on her photographic ventures:

“It’s not about changing what I see. It’s about taking what’s there, harnessing it and then bringing all of my experiences to be apart of this energy that I’m feeling.

Before I came to Montauk I had such varying exposure to photography. I was traveling to capture different cultures and landscapes. Working in fashion photography with strobes and daylight. Learning everything I could about light and shadows, what their own languages mean and how they work together. For some reason when taking pictures in Montauk it’s like all of those things come together and I’m bringing my own experience into it. I can direct an energy I’m apart of without affecting my surroundings. I discovered how to manipulate my images in a natural way on film.

Montauk has this calming yet invigorating energy. The most fascinating thing about it is that it changes everyday. Every single time I go to Ditch Plains the light is completely different from the last day. I can be quiet here, waiting, observing.  I’m standing there rejuvenated and soaking it in, and then it hits me — I’m ready. I grab my camera, look through the lens, and place my filter in front of it. I play with the environment, bounce the sunlight, mirroring the sea, the sky and the land. I move my camera around until the elements start to find each other like a dance and then boom! They all hit each other in one spot and I get the feeling. This beautiful burst of energy reflects off the filter straight into my camera and I’ve captured it.

That doesn’t happen anywhere else.”

For more of Audrey’s photos, check out her anything but colorless Insta account.