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CADDIS Ambassadors on making the most out of life

There’s something to be said about the people out there who continuously make the most of their life no matter where they started, what journey they are making or at what point in life they decided to start. Our friends over at CADDIS work to emphasize this by doing a couple things. One, selling readers that don’t suck. Two, encouraging humans to own getting older and to not be afraid of it. Anti anti-aging, if you will. Three, working with smart, intelligent, motivated, good people to help shine the light on how getting older also doesn’t have to suck. 

We were fortunate enough to sit down with a few of these folks that CADDIS calls friends, to ask them a little about what they do, where they are, and how to keep on feeling alive, no matter your age.

I have friends that are the same age as me that are old because they are living in the past, and I have friends that are older than me that are young because they are living towards the future.

– Taylor Steele
A horizontal portrait of a blonde, wavy haired woman wearing a pair of large gold rimmed and brown tinted aviators. The woman is in the center of the image smiling with her mouth open and clutching her leopard print collared jacket around herself. The background of the image is slate gray.

Allyson Fanger
Costume Designer, Stylist, Image Innovator

You may have heard of a show called Grace and Frankie, and if so, then you are far more familiar with Allyson Fanger than you’d think. Her costume design for the series earned her multiple Primetime Emmy nominations and Costume Designer’s Guild nominations. NBD. Bringing ageless style to mainstream media, she brings lifestyle elements that complement and empower characters and viewers of every age.

But her work doesn’t stop when she walks off set. Currently, Allyson is working on a book to help guide readers on excavating one’s most unique and personal style. And walking onto another set, she designed the costumes for the upcoming film 80 for Brady, in which the bedazzled Patriots jerseys she made are already receiving a lot of pre-release buzz. She told us the film has an incredible and simple message about female friendship and never saying never—something Allyson really connects with.

One piece of advice for how to make the most of your life

Always say always, never say never. Take chances and embrace opportunities. Have Fun. Embrace the ones you love and spend time with them. Be in nature. Have pets. Don’t be afraid of getting messy. Don’t live in a box of expectations, defy expectations. Dance.

Favorite CADDIS Frames?

Well it depends a little on my look of the day, but my most often everyday go-tos are the Tortoise Miklos, and I switch it up a bit with the pink-lensed Mabuhay. But my current obsession is Nola. I love Nola so much. Also Orpheus for being so “Jane Fonda” from 9 to 5.  I love them all. 

Horizontal portrait of a gray-haired woman wearing her hair in a high bun on the top of her head. The woman's body is facing the side and she is turning her head to look at the camera with a wide smile. She is wearing a multi-colored floral pastel blouse and a pair of bright jade green sunglasses with dark round, gray tinted lenses. The background of the image is light gray.

Amy Denet Deal
Founder of 4Kinship

After decades of  separation from her homeland and the people (Diné), Amy has created more than just a sustainable fashion brand based out of New Mexico, but a way to reunite, serve and give back to her tribe and the future of the youth. Focusing on what it means to be indigenous, Amy has created a sustainable community, offering and investing in long-term solutions and opportunities for Diné (Navajo) youth. By using her brand platform 4KINSHIP, she help her community build  Diné Skate Garden Project, a 7,400 sq ft skate park, which has provided a new creative and transformative space for Diné (Navajo) youth in Two Grey Hills, NM, with hopes to positively impact the health and wellness of youth in this remote area of Navajo Nation. 

But she doesn’t stop here. Continuing the momentum, her mission to provide impactful longterm solutions, by developing skate mentorship program implemented to continue to teach and help the kids, and provide free equipment to assure every kids has opportunities to participate. Her dream is to see Olympic caliber athletes participate in this sport come from her tribe.

A lot of times when you talk about founders or people that run companies, they’re usually described as being a visionary. I consider myself more of a solutionary. Maybe it’s because I’m a Virgo.

– Amy Denet Deal

One piece of advice for how to make the most of your life

Live authentically. Getting to that point of asking yourself “Why am I here on the planet?” And then making choices that allow you to step into that question authentically. Start making decisions on things that bring you a lot of joy, because it’s simply what your life journey is supposed to be. It may not be what you think is your career—I know nothing about building skateparks, but that became part of my journey and I’m so glad it did. Strive to have what you do bring you so much peace and joy and happiness. Dismantle the shit that has you trying to do what you think you’re supposed to do by creating time and space in your life to commit to finding the answers to that original and innate question

Favorite CADDIS Frames?

Root Cause Analysis

A brunette man sitting on a khaki couch in a living room loading film into an old film camera. The man is wearing khaki brown pants, an army green collared shirt and a pair of light yellow tinted, gold-rimmed aviators.

Taylor Steele
Filmmaker, Tequila Aficionado

A man of many films, Taylor has been producing surf films for the past 30 years, with a unique cinematography style and POV of the everyday person, this has led him into the science space, working with National Geographic on a number of documentaries and films. Also a man of fine taste, Taylor founded Solento Organic Tequila around seven years ago, with a goal to be the best-tasting tequila there is, but one with a vibe that goes with it—to be more present, take it slow and to be more aware of how important our time here is. Spoiler alert. It’s damn good tequila.

Expanding his film repertoire, Taylor is currently working on a project with National Geographic that surrounds animal conservation—a docuseries called Save This *animal species name here*. Some episodes being “Save This Rhino,” “Save This Shark,” and “Save This Whale,” in which one episode exposes the problem being faced by the species and the second episode proposes a solution to prevent further endangerment. He’s big on avoiding the doom and gloom of most of the nature documentaries out there but enjoys bringing awareness to the topic. Hence the solution episodes. He continued to lean into the TV space, being an executive producer for the drama series Barons, which portrays the start of the 1970s surf industry. 

One piece of advice for how to make the most of your life

It’s all about being excited about the future and feeling like the future is going to be better than the past. And you do that by having a beginner’s mind—the idea is to be excited by learning and growing and trying to be better than yesterday. I have friends that are the same age as me that are old because they are living in the past, and I have friends that are older than me that are young because they are living toward the future.

Favorite CADDIS Frames?


Horizontal portrait of the top half of a gray-bearded man wearing a black t-shirt, a black rastacap and a pair of chunky black glasses with white arms. The man is staring out a window to the the right of the camera. The walls behind him are made of brown battered wood.

Wil Thomas III aka WLTIII
Artist, Bike Builder, Brand Ambassador/Marketing Liaison, Music Manager

Starting in the corporate world for 18 years, WLTIII made one damn good choice to get outta there by prioritizing his passions of motorcycles and film. Good decision. This took him further than he ever imagined—like around the world for events, screenings, music videos and more. His passions collided in what WLTIII calls the Big Bang of his life. Now curating events and happenings for Kranzberg Arts Foundation, Walls Off Washington, and Music at the Intersection, his focus this year is the “Elemental” event series celebrating Hip Hop’s 50th anniversary. But in his free time, his passion lies in putting his efforts into giving back to the art community by helping other artists reach their audiences.

Not to mention working in film and art himself. WLTIII has worked closely with Rocco Deluca, Shaboozey, Leo B Ramsey aka Twin Junk Yard, along with working on music videos for Lana Del Ray, Major Lazer, The Arctic Monkeys and more—all artists he finds extremely talented and amazing. This then led him to working with brands like Nike, Levi’s, Stance and of course, his favorite eye appliance brand, Caddis.

Through this he works to maintain an optimistic approach to collectively embody values that promote the unification of people within the US and abroad, working to keep spreading the love always.

One piece of advice for how to make the most of your life

You make the most of your life by being present in each moment. Too much focus on your past or future only leads to suffering or anxiety. The other, maybe even more important aspect is to force multiply the higher vibrations. Meaning to spread love, embrace positivity, try to leave it better than you found it. Lastly this cannot be overstated—get out and see the world. Get as far away from the barn as possible to gain a broader appreciation. Eat food from other cultures, break bread with different Bredrin, fall in love, get your heart broken, put your feet in the water, don’t forget to dance.  If you’re standing on the rocks of a river in Yosemite don’t ease in—the moment you half step and ease, you will slip and hurt your ass and your soul more. Trust me. Just jump right in. Full Immersion!

Favorite CADDIS lens?

Depends on my mode truthfully—Lately Wynton, but my black Porgy Sunnies are hard to beat.

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