7 Things You’ll Look Incredibly Good Doing in Our Thermal

Maybe it’s just us, but it seems like a lot of the outwear available for purchase these days is only filling two needs: comfort and warmth. While those are majorly appreciable elements to carry on you during winter, our Department of Wearable Innovations proposed designing something for your outer-layer that comes through for you in significantly more ways than just the basic two. Thus, the WB Thermal was born.

Last week, we asked a team of highly qualified humans to test these things out for a full 24, and then let us know what additional advantages they discovered having during their day. They’re reports included:

  1. Walking out of your front door every morning
  2. Drinking coffee + other assorted hot beverages
  3. Comfortably gauging a cold water surf from a parking lot (or a rocky precipice)
  4. High-fiving a cold person
  5. Preparing the fireplace for family members that are without thermals
  6. Doing the worm within an at-capacity karaoke bar
  7. Not having frostbite

While these findings have yet to be tested for outliers, we #feel #comfortable reporting them as definitively conclusive. Check out the WB Thermal for yourself via this link, and get back to us by carrier pigeon with your findings.