[New Release] Whalebone’s Second Wave of Summer Hats

The Offshore Hat. Photo: Jesse

The FDA is a tough egg to crack. We found this out firsthand when we approached them with our latest round of wearables-in-development*. Their formal response to our offering was less embracing—going as far to say, “in no such way, or form, are your hats a drug, nor do they offer any medicinal benefits to their users.” We beg to differ.

Whalebone’s Department of R&D has worked tirelessly over the past year to develop a line of hats that lead to increased levels of serotonin + encourage good times. If the FDA had been willing to keep an open mind and actually try on one of the many hats we sent them, they might’ve been able to see the light.

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Fortunately, we don’t have to gain government approval to put awesome things like fresh snapbacks + hats your loved ones will swoon over into the world. We can just create that shit. And that’s what this post is all about: our latest release of Whalebone headwear for summer. Not FDA-approved, but happiness-inducing and available over-the-counter at the Whalebone Flagship storeNYC Pop-Up Shop at the Gansevoort Market, and via on our very-easy-to-navigate/fall-in-love-with online shop. No prescription required.

*This did not actually happen.