[Watch] Our Favorite Documentary This Week

The crew having a stroll in Chile, as seen in their new documentary.

David Stover, Ben Kneppers, and Kevin Ahearn are good people. We know this because when we launched Whalebone Magazine back in May 2015, nearly everyone we spoke to regarding potential features gave a high recommendation that we cover what they were doing with their innovative, recycled fishnet skateboards brand, Bureo.

And so we did, and what we found in our interview with them was three guys working tirelessly to make a positive impact on two of our favorite things—the ocean and fishing communities—as well as creating an awesome product that gifts us with the ability to have a cruise on land when the waves aren’t cooperating.

The Minnow Cruiser Board. Made in Chile from recycled marine debris.

The Minnow Cruiser Board. Made in Chile from recycled marine debris.

Now fast forward (exactly) two years, and the Bureo crew’s story has landed a much-deserved spot in the Red Bull TV series, “Creators of Tomorrow.”

The wonderfully-shot 22-minute doc tells the trio’s story of coming together in Australia and launching the business across two continents, as well as following them in current day at their headquarters in Southern California as they attempt to partner with the legendary founders of Carver Skateboards and take Bureo to the next level.

Stay in the loop with Bureo via their Instagram (@bureo) and check out all their offerings on their website, www.bureo.co.