The Summer of Travel

More people than ever before will be hitting the clouds this summer with U.S. Airlines. The airline company recently released numbers indicating that they are predicting to have their busiest season ever. Does this mean even more cars on the road out to Montauk each weekend? It just might.

While this is great for the airlines, it’s not so great for travelers. Airlines have actually been increasing their prices as the number of travelers increases and fuel prices decrease. Airlines may not be jacking up the price to fly, but the cost to get wifi, to eat and to check your bag may have increased. That car ride out is looking better and better.

airline baggage

Checked luggage courtesy of

The Hamptons are a hard place to get to if you’re not flying into East Hampton Airport. We like to arrive in Islip because it’s the closest airport there is to the end of the island, and more importantly because it’s small and next to impossible to get lost in. Depending on where you’re coming from, check out these flights online.

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Long Island MacArthur Airport, or Islip Airport, courtesy of

If you’re planning on flying into Long Island this summer, we suggest getting your tickets sooner rather than later. We’re stoked to see you all out here, and no flight ticket price should stop you from having a raging summer.

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