LDW Saturday || 9/5/15 – Ditch – 9 a.m.

March 10, 2016 @ 12:00 AM

Happy Labor Day Weekend ladies and gentlemen. Congratulations, you survived another summer! Too bad we don’t have waves to celebrate with today. Whatever waves there are out there are looking pretty mediocre. They are coming in at around knee to thigh high and conditions are so-so with gusty ENE wind on it. It is super peaky because of the wind, meaning that waves are kind of breaking all over the place from Big Rock to the Jetty. If you have a good longboard you could manage to get a few, and I even saw a guy on a kayak getting some, but don’t expect much on a fish or a shortboard. Waves should be filling in tomorrow which will give us a little swell to dust those off. In the mean time, enjoy your weekend and stay tuned for more of the Ditch Report.

High 01:33 AM 2.56ft
Low 07:06 AM 0.3ft
High 02:18 PM 2.95ft
Low 08:48 PM 0.49ft
First Light 05:49 AM
Sunrise 06:17 AM
Sunset 07:14 PM
Last Light 07:42 PM