ISIS Hits Montauk… Digitally

Open up the airbase, call the militia, ISIS is coming to town … Too soon? Sorry! It’s not like they are physically here though, which is the good news, but ISIS really has shown it’s face in our little East End town of Montauk, NY. Most of us will probably agree, sounds like some pretty bad news, but apparently it isn’t something we should worry too much about.

How did this happen you ask? How else?–the Internet.

On Sun., March 8, the website had a black ISIS banner logo show up on the top of the site’s homepage, above the normal header. “There is no God but God”  the banner read in Arabic.

If you went on to view photos or availability for The Manor, and clicked through to something, an audio clip of Islamic music would play.

Hacked site.jpg

Screen Shot provided by NY Post


Frightening words graced the screen. “Hacked by Islamic State,” and  “We Are Everywhere,” were some of the phrases on the banner. Of course it was all topped off with an “;)” emoticon at the end of it … c’mon ISIS you could have at least used a real emoji.

The Islamic State has been known for it’s recent innovative terrorism tactics, by using social media and email to hack political leaders and random business sites and social media accounts, among other platforms. In this case, sources say it was most likely generated from an email virus. It might even be a phony, and it has since been said that it shouldn’t be of worry to the community. The case has been forwarded to authorities such as the East Hampton Town Police Dept. and the FBI.

For more info and direct quotes from sources involved, check out the links below.