I SPY with Accidentally Wes Anderson

"I SPY with Accidentally Wes Anderson" typed in a cream color on a bright red background

There are 3-6 “things” hidden in each image. We mixed up the list of hints for you to solve. Have fun and good luck. 

The List of Things:

  • One sandcastle architect
  • A blue and white checkerboard
  • You’ll shoot your eye out
  • The biggest window
  • 7 potted plants for Matt to water
  • 16 people missing their arms
  • Punch buggy blue
  • 7 swan dives
  • Taste the rainbow
  • Man in a red hat
  • 4 camels
  • A cup of tea
  • Something “Weird”
  • They’re good for your heart
  • Photographer’s weapon of choice
  • 2 fans not like the other
  • Wizard for sale
  • 2 lines you should not cross
  • (678)999-2812
  • A mug or three for coffee
  • 2 umbrellas that aren’t like the others
  • Inception
  • 1 blue bridge
  • Chaplin’s hat
  • A lifesaver
  • 2 buses
  • Yellow bikini
  • A nice man wearing glasses
  • 6 lanes for swimming
  • An unusual infusion of rose and cucumber
  • 4 of them are glowing and green
  • Upside down George Washington
Inside of a small enclosed booth with res trimmed windows on both right and left sides. The middle wall inside has a brown bookcase filled with an assortment of knickknacks. Two of the shelves are filled with vintage books, there's an antique hand crank phone, a small picture in a frame, a tea cup, 3 blue and green toy cars, a plaid teddy bear, film camera, alarm clock, a bottle of Hendrick's gin, a bowler hat, and a small briefcase. There are red and green plaid curtains on both sides of the bookcase.
Stewart Christie
By Marjorie Becker | @marjoriebeckerphotography 
Arial view of people relaxing on a beach in blue-striped, red-striped, and yellow-striped reclining beach chairs. The chairs are paired up and cover the entirety of the image. There are some people laying on the chairs and others are empty. There are red, yellow, and blue beach umbrellas scattered around covering a few of the beach chairs.
Miami Beach
Tommy Clarke | @tommy.clarke
Photo of a wall in an old general store. The wall is lined with wooden shelves filled with various items; cigarettes, canned food, car oil, plates and cups, wood glue, and blankets. Right in the middle of the shelves is an opening to see the tiled wall behind that has the word "M. Crow" in red tile. There is wood cabinetry below the shelves that is filled with different types of candy; M&M's, Skittles, Butterfinger, Almond Joy, and Crunch bars amongst others. There is a small wooden ladder reaching diagonally across the picture in the top left corner.
M. Crow General Store
By Sara Bates | @botabates
Small electronics booth that is covered wall to wall in various electronics. There is a man wearing a pink collared shirt and glasses reading a paper in the small alcove opening. Behind him on the wall are wooden shelves filled top to bottom with colorful boxes. The wall with the opening for the man has unrecognizable objects and packages hanging all over it. The walls on either side have shelves filled top to bottom with AM/FM radios and other random electronics taking up every inch of space. The bottom of the booth is covered in small colorful boxes, some look like disposable cameras, but most of the boxes are at such an angle you can't tell what they are.
Electric Town
By Evan Lober | @evan.blaine
Inside view of an old library. The shot is very symmetrical, floor to ceiling bookcases line the right and left sides that have a white column on each end topped with a marble bust. Halfway down each of the bookcases are two round wall lights. Hanging from the ceiling are six lights.  The ground floor in the middle has two sets of bookcases on either side with a large opening space in the middle. There is a staircase in the middle headed down to another part of the library. The white back wall has a set of french doors in the middle and two white doors on either side.
The Providence Athenaeum
By Marjorie Becker | @marjoriebeckerphotography
Photo taken inside of a metro car looking outwards into the streets of New York. Small buildings line the sides of the road and stretch down to a large blue bridge. People are walking on the sidewalks and the streets lined with parked cars while others drive down the roads.
Metro North
By Matthew Cavanaugh | @westernmaphoto
Very symmetrical photo inside of an indoor swimming pool. The building is very open and three stories tall with the pool in the middle. On the second and third floors on the right and left side of the pool have an iron railing and are lined with wooden doors all along the sides. The first floor by the pool has yellow reclining chairs on the right side and an open space on the left. There are two sets of staircases on the far wall that zig-zag up to the third floor. The pool is a bright cyan blue color and has lane lines at the bottom.
By Paul Bauer | @papapaulbauer

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