10 Reasons Why You Should Join Bill Murray in Charleston

"This is an adventure." Screenshot: The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou

According to a recent study of small towns where you are most likely to be happy (and by no coincidence, run into Bill Murray on a daily basis), Charleston, South Carolina is not only ranked as the #1 city in America, but also the world. We recently got in touch with Charleston real estate legend, Bradley O’Mara—who is a victim of everyday happiness—and had him pen down a list of reasons why you should get out of your shoebox NYC apartment and consider flying south, perhaps for good.

  1. Summer actually lasts longer here. Things don’t cool down until around November, and then it heats right back up in April—giving you an advantageous window to work on your tan.
  2. Bill Murray. Bill Fucking Murray.
  3. The surf. Sure, it’s not as consistent as the Northeast, but you’ll never have to wear your 5 mil again. We also boast an under-explored coastline that’s a gem for anyone that loves the thrill of the hunt during seasonal swells.

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  4. No snow. Ever. Ok maybe not EVER but it’s likely to snow once every five or so years that far down south. Which I’d say is pretty manageable if you’re looking to cut down on your outdated winter coat collection and wear your favorite t-shirt year-round.
  5. It feels good to take it slow. People down south move as if the only place they have to be is a Jimmy Buffet concert. City pace can be so crazy-fast that we forget to stop and actually sip our margarita. Life in Charleston is meant to be enjoyed.
  6. All the food you’ll ever need (and more). If you’re like me, you’re always hungry. I think about dinner when I eat breakfast. Killer restaurants range from insanely cheap eats to amazing 5 star restaurants worth balling out at. Our favorites include: Leon’s Oyster Shop, 167 Raw, Trattoria LuccaCoda del PesceXiao Bao Biscuit, Slightly North of Broad, and The Obstinate Daughter.

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  7. Where there is awesome food, there is incredible booze. 10 local breweries, tons of happy hour spots, and craft cocktails are king. Need I say more? Places that don’t suck: Darling Oyster Bar, Cane Rhum Bar, Holy City Brewing, and Freehouse Brewery.
  8. State Flag game strong. South Carolina has arguably the coolest flag out of all 50 states. Enough said.
  9. Daily “strolls” improve happiness. Morning, afternoon, or evening strolls are the perfect way to embrace the slower pace of life. King Street window shopping or the Battery are obvious favorites.

  10. Bigger bang for your buck. We all know the pains of paying for life in big cities. It feels as if all of your money is pouring into this small apartment that you only “kind of like.” Life down south automatically ensures the walls around you will get bigger. Living quarters will double in size and cost half as much. We call that a win-win. You can actually look into purchasing a HOME, with multiple stories AND a yard: we’re thinking, outdoor fire pit, some string lights, maybe a BBQ and kegorator?!

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Southern Charm is a real thing and we are hooked. If these reasons aren’t enough, we can’t help you. But if they have started to cause feelings of wanting to fly the coop, we highly suggest that you give Bradley a call. As a lifelong South Carolina resident and consistent top producer in the Charleston real estate market, Bradley seems to know everything one would need to know when considering making the big move. He might even tell you a story or two about Bill.

Start the search for your dream home here, or drop Bradley a line at 843.442.8787 or via his email.