Sea Shepherd’s Captain Paul Watson

In His Own Words

I started rescuing beavers from leg-hold traps when I was 11. I was a founding member of Greenpeace in 1972, and the founder of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society in 1977, when I was 26.

I established the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society in 1977 as a global marine anti-poaching organization. It’s now a global anti-poaching movement.

We have shut down poaching operations around the world for over four decades. Because of our interventions with our Operation Milagro for the past 5 years, the endangered Vaquita has not gone extinct.

One objectively good thing in the world is phytoplankton. Without phytoplankton the ocean will die, and when the ocean dies, we all die.

The ocean needs the time to repair itself.

What I have learned is to not allow people I am working with to have a second chance to betray me.

We are looking for people inspired by passion and willing to exercise both courage and imagination to defend marine life.

Each and every one of us has the capacity to change the world.

My idea of perfect happiness is doing what I’m doing.

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