7 Creative Globetrotters Worth Following on Insta

Photo: Gregory Bourolias

People have been traveling to beautiful corners of the Earth for centuries on centuries. If by some form of techno-wizardy, Christopher Columbus + crew had been on Insta in 1492, you can bet your upper-lower body that we would have had filtered photos of “America” in our feed at least 10 minutes before the ship’s squad even stepped foot on solid land. Make no doubt — the need to #document one’s travels is almost if not as strong as the desire to travel itself.

In gearing up for the release of our Travel Issue, we’ve kept our eyes peeled on the feeds of a talented few that make it a priority to run/fly/sail/teleport to the ends of our planet and share with us the beauty they discover. Below you will find 7 of our favorite traveling eyes, each accompanied with a strong visual reason to throw them the follow. Wait, what? We left out someone worth the feature? Tag us @whalebonemagazine on one of their photos and we’ll make sure to show ’em some love. Bon voyage.

1. Chris Burkard (@chrisburkard)

2. Perrin James (@perrinjames1)

Leaving your comfort zones and chasing ideas of places your not sure exist. A few days prior to these series of images we had only heard of this beautiful lava tube on the kona side of the Big island. @kimi_swimmy standing on the edge of its surreal blue water about to dive into this unknown cave. The swell pushes us back into this blue washing machine while we try to film some underwater scenes for Keith Malloys – @thetorpedopeople film the Fish People. We always joke about how we can create magic in any circumstance but we didn’t have to create anything this day. This lava tube did all the work. The sun and waves creating every shadow and luminous light beam we could possibly imagine. #livesimply #sparetimeforliving

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3. Morgan Maassen (@morganmaassen)


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4. Kirsten Alana (@kirstenalana)

5. Foster Huntington (@fosterhunting)

You shall not pass!

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6. Sam Horine (@samhorine)

verrazano // that’s a wrap

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7. Lucy Laucht (@lucylaucht)

Them Sydney blues

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