48 Hours in Jalisco

Jalisco ain’t for everyone.

Luckily for us it was for the infamous photographer, Roberto Thunder. We sent Thunder down there with the mission of getting lost in a city that he will never forget. He was instructed to report back in 48 hours and stay out of trouble.

Not a stranger to a good time, Mr. Thunder stopped answering texts and emails upon his arrival to Guadalajara International Airport. A week later, he resurfaced asking for a postal address to mail photos of his time spent with his new friends, Diego and Alex. We then received a package filled with film and a dozen or so T-shirts that only said “22 tacos or bust.” We have not heard from him since. Here is a photo journal of what is roughly 48 hours in Jalisco, give or take a day, through the lens of Roberto Thunder. We’d like to visit sometime.