A Pretty Sweet Smelling Shindig

The World’s Most Comfortable Pop-Up From Whalebone + Allbirds Had a Cozy Little Launch

“Man, this place actually smells really good.”

That seemed to be the common phrase uttered upon folks entering the doors at 326 Bleecker St. on Tuesday night in New York City. It was a welcoming phrase to hear over and over again not just because they were walking into The World’s Most Comfortable Pop-Up, but mainly because the candles were a last-minute purchase at Targé and they just so happened to do the trick.

The candles were a last-minute purchase.

Once guests entered, they were also greeted by a casually lit fireplace, the movie Elf playing on repeat, soft rugs and even softer special-edition Allbirds Wool Runners available only at the shop. The Palm Rosé was hung by the chimney with care. And on the bar, which also served up Montauk Brew Co, Sweet Reason, and JUST Water. The mood was vibrant and happy. And, quite comfortable. A soft dog even patrolled the crowd getting nuzzles and pets. Besides it being the opening night of this cozy collaboration between Whalebone and Allbirds it was also the most action the pool table has seen since it was first installed. DJ Khalil helped serenade the crowd with a steady mix of oldies and toe-tappers.

Old friends that we haven’t seen since we were on a dive bar tour going across the country, our friend Peter from San Francisco (that is the name of Allbirds sheep mascot), along with friends from the Boneyard this summer and new friends from the neighborhood that said they’ve been waiting and excited to see what was going in at the location all gathered around and met.

Which is softer? This pooch or Allbirds Wool Runners?

It might’ve been the jolliest group this side of the North Pole. There was only one reindeer. If the opening night was any indication of how the shop might go while it’s open for the next 30 days or so we think the West Village is in for a good one.

Stay tuned for more events and updates happening at the space (you can sign up for those here).

Oh, the candle is called sugar spruce. $19.99. Not a bad investment if you’re so inclined.