The World’s Most Comfortable Pop-Up

Open now through December 23 or so. Whatever’s comfortable.


All we can tell you is that this isn’t one of those World’s Best Coffee kind of situations. It’s a fortress of solitude in a busy city (except if Superman were more into sustainable merino wool from New Zealand on Bleecker Street instead of ice in Antarctica). So, maybe it’s not at all a fortress of solitude and more of a cabin of coziness.

The World’s Most Comfortable Pop-Up will be open at 326 Bleecker Street in New York City when you need it most: November 15 to December 20. Or maybe the 23rd. Whatever works.

Get comfortable.

Walk-in and be swept off your feet and into some cozy all-wool Allbirds, including limited editions available only at this location. Sip a welcome hot chocolate by the roaring fire (pending the opinion of the NYFD, that might be a roaring simulated fire). Sink into a beanbag or lounge on a couch and peruse our special limited-edition comfort food cookbook. We’re taking after Allbirds, who sources the softest sustainable merino wool from New Zealand and bringing some of the most comforting materials nature has to offer.

Enjoy whiskey tastings, cookies crammed into a VCR, what the formerly seventh-best barista in Montauk and current 7,000th best barista in the West Village whips up, and the soothing sounds of definitely not Michael Buble. Probably whale songs. We’ll see.

You can also expect happy hours and special events, a pool table with no sharks, limited editions of the softest goods from Whalebone and, of course, the comfiest shoes in the world from Allbirds.

Sounds soft.

Keep on the lookout at @whalebonemagazine for news of special events and gatherings at The World’s Most Comfortable Pop-up and sign up for updates here.