World Cup Capsule Collection at Surf Lodge

The Surf Lodge x Goodlife World Cup Series is available only at the Surf Lodge.

Ready to low-key rep your tournament team? There’s a hoodie for that. Clothing company Goodlife, whose work you know if you’ve ever seen the Surf Lodge stencil hoodies, is producing a limited edition capsule collection of only 50 pieces each in World Cup team colors.

As luck would have it, we’ll be at the Surf Lodge Sunday starting at 11 a.m. for some serious Cup watching. There’s a reasonably good chance Golden State doesn’t win this one.

Oli Benz and Chris Molnar representing.

Goodlife founder Chris Molnar gave us his take on the tourney:

What was the inspiration for the Goodlife World Cup Collection?
I grew up playing Soccer in a European household in NJ. I lived in Europe playing soccer for part of high school and I still am an avid fan. The World Cup is such an awesome world event that takes place in the summer, so I thought it was a great opportunity to do something cool considering our partnership with The Surf Lodge.

Who’s your team? Who will you be rooting for?
I, of course, would be repping the USA and am bummed they didn’t make it. Also shocked Italy didn’t make it, as is every other soccer fan, so without those two, I think I want to see England finally have some success. I have a feeling France could be a sleeper.

Of the teams in the tournament, who has the best uniform?
Nigeria’s Nike unis are sick!

What position did you play growing up?
Defense but also a little wing.

Greatest soccer player of all time?
Very hard to say.

What’s the best thing to drink while watching the tournament? (Thankfully we have a relatively civilized schedule for Sunday—We’ll skip Costa Rica-Croatia and see you at 11 a.m. for Germany-Mexico.)
Depends on the time of day. Perhaps a Michelada to start and move to some rose or cold beer?

If you aren’t in Montauk to go to the Surf Lodge, where’s the next best place to watch the Cup?
FELIX in Soho. Hands down. We’re doing a world cup party there as well on 6/28 for Belgium-England.

Best use for a vuvuzela?
Recycled plastic.

You can dress any athlete. Who are you dressing in Goodlife?
Always been a big David Beckham fan. Dude’s got great, authentic style.

What does your rescue pup Diego have to say about all this?
Legend has it, he is from the hills of Argentina so we are at odds over what team to support.

We’ll see you at the Surf Lodge this Sunday at 11 a.m. for Mexico-Germany and 2 p.m. for Brazil-Switzerland.