Woman Crush Whenever: Claire Underwood

Coming at you live and official from Whalebone’s Department of Womanly Crushes, our first womanly crush of 2016: Claire Underwood aka Robin Wright (supposed real life name). Not only is Mrs. Underwood our first lady in what may very well become a #weekly #thing, she is also thee First Lady in one of our favorite TV shows ever, House of Cards. Hecka relevant right now.


Reasons we love Lady Underwood? She’s the full package. A creature as beautiful as she is everything else — astute, collected and arguably more stylish than the late, and equally as lovely, Princess Diana (who may or may not be making a womanly crush debut on here also). But if we had to narrow it down to one thing, it’d be her self-possessed demeanor — an alluring flame of fierce certainty delicately burning on a rare gorgeous-scented Yankee Candle atop the coffee table in the Oval Office. Making us get all poetic, you did that.

Watch the throne, Frank.