Woman Crush Whenever: Amy Jo Johnson

Before crushing on women was assigned a particular day of the week, the act of openly expressing fleetingly woman desire was timeless. It could be done on a Monday afternoon at the dog park, on a Thursday evening in the ice cream isle at your local grocery store, and even on a Sunday morning in the church parking lot. It could be done whenever, man.

And we like it better that way. Time constraints rarely make for any fun, especially when it comes to women that we very well may want to spend the rest of our time on Earth with. In celebrating our internal revival of this historically breathtaking school of thought, we present to you: Amy Jo Johnson.

A 90’s staple of teenage beauty, you (or your younger sibling/next in kin) might remember Amy Jo as Kimberly Hart—the original pink ranger in Haim Saben’s Might Morphin Power Rangers.

She was terrific at gymnastics, and un-coincidentally, graceful in her obliteration of evil and its otherworldly forces, via a diverse series cartwheel evasions and onslaughts. Case in point:

While it can be contested that most women from two decades ago have faded into oblivion and/or been seemingly replaced by loosely dressed female members of the Jenner family, we’re still clinging to Amy Jo—whether it be in full ranger gear or faded denim overall shorts. IMBD does not list her stylist, so we’re going to assume that she just crushed the fashion game, episode after episode, on her own.

If anyone knows Amy Jo, or is feeling shameless enough to DM/comment on her Instagram with “do an interview with @whalebonemagazine,” please…do so. We are serious, we are in love and we have questions regarding her years as a protector/angel of the galaxy. #Get #at #us.