What Weird Thing is in Your Wallet?

What Weird Thing is in Your Wallet?

We ask Thread Wallet fans about what they keep in there

Your wallet knows a lot about you. It certainly knows your birthday. But it might also know things like your social security number or when your next dentist appointment is and it holds the evidence of your last shame-filled fast food trip. Point is, there is a lot of you in there and sometimes a little extra. Whether you’re sentimental, always prepared or uber-hygienic there could be something hiding in there, that someone else might observe and say something along the lines of, “you keep ____ in your wallet?” And then you’ll explain that you never know when a lucky button might come in handy,  that you use the bobby pin to pick locks, or that you never go anywhere without a pair of tweezers—just in case.

Thread Wallets, makers of very fine things to keep your things fine, is eager to help humans show off what’s inside, on the outside by leveling up a boring bi-fold to a more expressive-type of wallet. So we reached into our back pocket to ask a couple of the Thread Wallet fans what they keep in their wallets. Unfortunately, no one is into picking locks in their spare time but they are really, really into oral hygiene.

We aren’t a bank, so it was a lot less intrusive when we asked, “What’s in Your Wallet?”

Kelis Kaleopaa

A little about yourself: I’m 15 and from Waikiki, Oahu. I grew up surfing with my family on Waikiki beach, and love my home. Surfing is my passion, I couldn’t imagine doing anything else. I got involved with Thread Wallets because I really liked their style. The products were fresh and reflected me.

What’s in your wallet: Weirdest thing in my wallet: a toothpick. Can’t stand the feeling of food stuck in my teeth!!

Colton Tisch

A little about yourself: I’m a surfer and photographer out of San Diego, California. In simple, I love the ocean, positive energy, good people, and the ability to create, in all realms. I dig Thread Wallets’ culture. They’re such pure, stoke-filled people and their company radiates that.

What’s in your wallet: The weirdest thing in my wallet would likely have to be a fin key. Never know!

Kaniela Stewart

A little bit about yourself: I’m a professional longboarder. I grew up on Waikiki Beach in Honolulu, Hawaii on the island of Oahu. My lifestyle has everything to do with the ocean—surfing, sailing, paddling the canoe, hydro foiling, and swimming. I’m stoked on my wallets and phone cases, they’re cute and artsy.

What’s in your wallet: Only weird thing would be a toothpick.

Janthavy Norton

A little bit about yourself: I’m 24 years old from Arizona and I live in LA. I started skateboarding 7 years ago and it has brought me some amazing friends, opportunities, sponsors, and it eventually led me here. I started acting and modeling 3 years ago. If I weren’t doing that I’d probably prefer to live somewhere outdoorsy. In my free time I love camping and being outside. It was really nice to get involved with Thread Wallets on a personal level, they supported a lot of my non-profit and volunteer work.

What’s in your wallet: I use the Thread Wallets phone case with the leopard print and I honestly carry mostly practical things in my wallet. Just a good blend of cards, license, insurance, Costco card, AAA card. Have I become a boring adult?