What Are We Wearing and Where Is It Coming From?

I can’t recall the last time I stumbled across a relatively new brand who’s identity was rooted in asking and answering meaningful questions, especially in the apparel space. Lately, it seems like recently launched clothing companies are significantly more occupied with capitalizing on trends that’ve been tried + tested through social media — think motorbikes, aliens, cats… the list is increasingly endless.

Something tells me that if you sat down in a room with the folks over at Outerknown, you’d find yourself passionately discussing the betterment of human existence instead of cash flows and contribution margins (not that they needn’t be discussed — it’s just that they’re not allowed to define or control the brand’s direction). It’s real for them, and if you have doubts, check out their latest video below.

Masterfully filmed and edited, genuinely informative and featuring Kelly Slater with an asymmetrical mustache, asking the big questions. Enjoy.