The Whalebone Pop Quiz

"Mr. Feeny!" Photo: Scott Humbert/ABC

Are you here for the pop quiz? You’ve come to the right place. You’ll tell us answers to several questions that could ultimately impact the lives of the Whalebone team forever and we’ll maybe reward you with free pizza and ridiculously, warm sweat pants to wear when eating free pizza from  

This is your opportunity to tell us things you like, want to see more of or want to see improved across Whalebone.  

Few prerequisites to participating in this project are: 

  1. Currently have an internet connection
  2. Have a semi-okay understanding of the English language and at least one good working eye
  3. Are over the age of 16 or have approvals from your folks to be on their phone  

If you meet the criteria or have decided 2017 is a year to live without limits, take the quiz hereGood luck!