Whalebone Photo Contest: Water

Cannonballs, waterfalls, scuba adventures, frozen tundras, and underneath waves.

It was rather impressive to see people’s interpretation of this category. WATER was the category that saw the most submissions for the photo contest. While we did not receive any images of an old lost sunken treasure somewhere deep in the Bermuda Triangle that would change us from a magazine company to a treasure hunting company, we did receive some real gems. All of the entries in this category were related to the theme of water in one way or another.

Matt Power | Sunset Barrel | @mattpowerphoto

“I took this photo after living in the Philippines for a couple of years. I always had this shot in mind at a particular surf spot. The wave breaks perfectly in line with the sunset for a shot like this to happen. I was simply waiting for all the elements to align; sunset, clean swell, clear water and a talented surfer. I was so happy when I saw this on my camera after a long, long time trying.”

Janessa Anderson | What lies beyond the icy bend | @adventureatlascreative

“Adventures take us to places unknown, they show us things about the world and ourselves that we may have yet to experience, they are thrilling and sometimes terrifying but that, you see, is why they are wonderful. Taken on a spring day in Alaska while exploring rivers created by parting ice sheets.”


Karim Iliya | Where gravity sleeps | @karimiliya

“If there’s a place that holds magic, it is here. Light beams dance as thousands of fish move like rivers, changing and responding to your movements. Here you forget everything, where time stops and gravity goes to sleep. After a long day diving with whales, we stopped in this cave. No matter how many times I come here, I always find a new way to look at it. It is one of my favorite places on earth, a place where I can find peace in a world beneath the water.”

Thomas Vijayan | Curious Gentoo | @thomasvijayan


Cyril Delapraz | The Circle | @cyril_deco


Gabriel L’Heureux | Last Cast of the Day | @gabe_lheureux


Adam King | Riding With the Queen | @adamkingphoto


Alain Schroeder | Grandma Divers 2 | @alainschroeder


Jason Zucco | Alkaline Pools | @jzucco


Jack Davis | Rainbow Surfer | @jacknoeldavis


Drew Doggett | Through the Falls | @drewdoggettphotography


Ben Ono | Tikehau Traffic | @silkymerman


Joseph Leahy | Balance | @joe_leahy


John Webster | Rafa in Paradise | @johnjwebster


Thomas Colla | Das Boot | @tcolla