Whalebone Photo Contest: Adventure

If Indiana Jones himself would have appeared at our window one night before we launched this photo contest and told us stories about some of the images that would be submitted for the ADVENTURE category we wouldn’t have believed a word out of his snake-hating mouth.

And if Dr. Jones is reading this, we would owe you an apology. The ADVENTURE category saw submissions from dozens of countries with high-quality visuals and associated stories taking us on trips that have filled the dream bank for three lifetimes. Jock! Start the engine!

Zay Yar Lin | Nomadic Life | @zayyarlin84

“The largest population of Bactrian camel lives in Gobi Desert of Mongolia. Camel has been the only livelihood for local Gobi nomads. They use camels for transportation, wool, meat and local festivities. People in the Gobi Desert region of Mongolia live a nomadic way of life and migrate few places in their desert region year-round using their camels.”

Ross Draper | Exploring Vietnam | @biearthworks

“I was coaching basketball in Bangkok, Thailand at the time and one night met a crew of teachers who were going to Vietnam in two days who asked if I wanted to tag along, so I bought a ticket right then at the bar. While having some “jungle juice” on the boat deck, the guide laughed and said if any of you want to jump off anything feel free to swim across and climb up that rock over there.”


Joe Baumann | SOLO | @driftlessjoe

“I worked with youth for 11 summers in the wilderness of northern Minnesota, and the beauty of the north woods is what got me into capturing moments and places in nature. In this photo, I’m a little ways outside of the wilderness boundary so that I could fly my drone. I had to be careful to set up my drone with just the right angle to get the best view of this winding river while paddling my solo canoe into the frame. I love how the small river and solo canoe really capture the solitude people can experience when they venture into the wilderness.”

Heidi Zumbrun | J.J. | @heidizumbrun


Natalie Saraf | Airhead | @natsaraf


Gabriel L’heureux | Catch me if you can | @gabe_lheureux


Elodie Ruelleux-Dagorne | The Crossing | @elodie_ruelleux_dagorne


Kim Kimberlin | Vashon Island | @kimakimberlin


James Katsipis | Don’t let go Jack | @letstaukgrams


Ted Grambeau | Mozambique Mission | @tedgrambeau


Jim Golden | Jurassic | @jimgolden1.0