The Great Whalebone Hunt for Buried Treasure

Members of The Whalebone Adventure Club set sail for a few choice locations on planet Earth, locations where you’ll find zero X’s marking zero spots, but you can use the exact coordinates in the magazine to uncover something real nice. (Assuming you consider $500 real nice.)

This isn’t going to be as easy as it looks, Mr. “I have a Minelab CTX 3030 metal detector.” You’re going to need help beyond GPS-enabled gadgets. But here’s what you do.

  • Step 1: Travel to one of the destinations at the pins.
  • Step 2: Find your way to the coordinates on the map in The Travel Issue (get it here).
  • Step 3: Dig. (metal detector optional)
  • Step 4: Find the buried treasure in some form of sealed can.
  • Step 5: Contact us, prove you’ve found the treasure, and enjoy. If you are first to every location and collect all the cans, Whalebone Magazine will fully dedicate a future issue to you. Just like Bill Murray. The [YOUR NAME] Issue.

X Doesn’t Mark These Spots.

Buried treasure you say? Yes.

But there’s no X marking anything. That would simply be too easy. We know you’re smarter than that.

We basically told you exactly where it is already. The coordinates are in the mag, along with the map, so get your copy already. Still no X though. But we know that won’t stop you.

So this is a hunt for 10 coffee cans (and maybe a couple of YETI Ramblers) buried in various locations around the globe. True story. In each of these canisters is $500 and maybe some other treasure. Find one and you get $500. Two and you get $1,000. Listen, you math whiz, here’s what’s still on the board:

📌  Malibu, CA
📌Bellingham, WA
📌 Washington, DC?
📌  Scottsdale, AZ
📌  Montauk, NY
📌  Rincon, PR
📌 St. Kitts
📌 São Paulo, Brazil
📌 Budapest, Hungary
📌 Sydney, Australia

You’ll find something like this.

Now while you are along on your great trek to go find that treasure and charging up your metal detector, and maybe some people are calling you crazy, here are some fun things to do along the way in each location. You’ll be there a while. We buried those puppies deep.


Malibu, CA

A YETI Rambler filled with riches is buried somewhere between Surfrider and Zuma. So you might start at either of those places and work your way up or down. It’s way past the Lana del Rey “High by the Beach” house. That’s the only hint you’re getting. The rest is in the Travel Issue. But as long as you’re there, might as well stop for beers and lobster roll. Here’s where.

Casa Escobar: Right across from the Malibu pier, classic spot for tacos and beer.
Surfing Cowboys: A Venice mainstay that found a new home up across from the Lagoon State Beach in Malibu. Full of vintage eclectica and ephemera and art and clothing and…just cool old shit.
Broad Street Oyster Co.: Get the lobster rolls. They also have beer called Treasure Hunter there. Must be a sign.

Bellingham, WA

A Signature sélect can from Haggen is buried amongst driftwood in this town on the border of Canada. The mountain bike epicenter of the Pacific Northwest, but where an endless amount of craft beer flows. There might also be a mountain nearby but we’re not allowed to tell you the details. Just tell your friends you’re in Seattle.

Gruff Brewing Co.: is the place for sunset.
Wander: is where you test your beer tasting skills.
Goods Nursery and Produce: is still full of locals.

Do it all on a transition bike.


Washington, D.C.

Yeah, we buried treasure in the nation’s capital. You better hurry on this one, otherwise Nic Cage is gonna beat you to it. We don’t recommend trying to obtain the Declaration of Independence while you’re here, but you could at least go look at it. Ya know, ‘cuz history. 

The National Mall: A LOT of sculpted marble.
The Smithsonian Institution Museums: Learn all the things.
The National Harbor: There’s a ferris wheel.


Scottsdale, AZ

This is the desert. Not like the Sahara or Namib, but still hot and dry with numerous cacti. Hard to say if you’ll need a camel or not. Let us know when you get there. 

TPC Scottsdale: 18 holes and a cactus.
Pinnacle Peak: #nature
Spring Training: Not the Mets or the Yankees, but still, hardball in the desert is pretty cool.
The Spa at Sanctuary Camelback Mountain: Get a nice foot rub for you and your camel.


Montauk, NY

That one little town at the very, very end of Long Island. Yeah, that one. The one where this whole shebang started. Highly recommend. 

Ditch Witch: If you don’t eat here, were you really in Montauk?
Shagwong: You’re here for a good time, not a long time.
The Boneyard: A place to read magazines. You might have to wait until we reopen this summer.


Rincon, Puerto Rico

A tropical island with buried treasure. Whalebone is not responsible for any encounters with pirates. If you see a flag with a skull and crossbones, you might be close, but proceed with caution. 

El Bohio: Happy hour at its finest.
Maria’s beach: Waves you can count on.
Beach House: Sunsets and live music. Island time, baby.

In deep.


St. Kitts

Another tropical island with buried treasure. See disclaimer above. At least you’re in paradise while on the hunt. 

Basseterre: The island’s history in the present day.
Marshall’s: Best dinner on the island
Royal St. Kitt’s Golf Club: Breathtaking views at every green.

São Paulo, Brazil

Brazil is massive, and Sao Paulo is also massive, so good luck with this one. Perhaps a metal detector would be beneficial for this one. 

Beco do Batman [Batman Alleyway]: Yes, an alley in a foriegn country.
Pinacoteca do Estado de São Paulo: Muito cultural.
Brazilian Cooking Class: Bring nothing but your appetite.

Budapest, Hungary

We know it will take you some time to find the treasure, luckily Hungary isn’t a bad place to be in the meantime. They have river boat parties. We understand if you don’t come back. 

Bors Gasztrobar: “The best sandwich in the world” — a trusted source.
Szechenyi Baths: Pools to strike your fancy.
Party River Boat Tours: A party on a boat. You can’t not be interested.

On the hunt.

Cape Town, South Africa

The very southern tip of the continent. We take our treasure hiding very seriously. South Africa is large, but we gave you the coordinates, so figure it out. 

Groot Constantia: Been smashin’ grapes since 1685.
The Test Kitchen: Ranked 44th on the list of World’s Best Restaurants. Yeah, World’s.
Llandudno Beach: Granite rocks are everywhere.

Sydney, Australia

Yeah, we buried treasure down under. That’s could a double entendre, btw. We are checking with the copy desk before this goes to print. 

Sydney Opera House: Unless you aren’t into opera.
Bondi Beach: There’s the ocean, and there’s also an ocean pool. Mind blown.
Bennelong: Modern Aussie cuisine, modern Aussie vibes.

Check with our friends at Bluestone Lane Coffee for more clues on this one. Actually you might find the actual map there, as many of them will have The Travel Issue. Good luck, mate.