We’re Hiring

Photo: Haruka Sakaguchi

So there we were, sitting in Charlie’s basement in January of 2015, 3 feet of snow on the ground, three cases of Brew Co scattered around, and at least one halfway decent idea. 2.7 years later we still have a decent idea now and then, and one of them is that we should probably get some people with much better ideas around us.

And so we are on the hunt for a few badass individuals. We are looking for someone who exceeds at their respective crafts, speaks our language and is down to get down with Whalebone. Sure, we’re talking creating the most badass editorial lineup in the country, running shit for all of our operations, and leading the most innovative sales team east of the Mississippi, but we’re also talking dance-floor marathons and board meetings by way of team surf sessions. It’s a win-win across the board. Check out details through the links below, and feel free to refer anyone with moderate to exceptional experience that wants their future to be just a little bit bigger than what they previously had in mind. Lunch pails required.

Kickass Director of Content – NYC

Legendary Director of Operations – NYC

Director of Sales – NYC