Welcome to the Pizza Issue

Photo: Sarah Bahbah

This week marks the debut of the Pizza Issue of Whalebone Magazine, presented by Hidden Valley Ranch. It’s a good feeling. You can now get your greasy hands on an entire publication dedicated to what is unequivocally one of the better things we have here on Earth: pizza. The questions you’re likely asking yourself are, “What could go wrong when reading an entire magazine about pizza?” and “How the hell does a publication think they can get away with a print magazine about pizza in the year 2017?” Good questions. Let us explain.

First off, the absolute worst thing that can happen as a result of you reading this publication is you ending up in an alley behind your favorite pizza shop with the roof of your mouth burnt into oblivion. Not a great situation to be in. We know. Just to cover our asses on any accusations of wrongdoing, we’re informing you right now that by reading this introduction letter, you have already relinquished Whalebone of any and all legal liabilities, ramifications and/or physical harm that could result to the roof of your mouth. That’s all you. See the fine print at the bottom of this page. With that said, please be careful with any lava-hot items near your mouth. No bueno.

Now, to answer that second question, “How do we think we can get away with an entire issue about pizza?” The truth is, a print publication is a romantic idea these days, and while we’re in love with each and every page of this magazine, there is more to life and this issue than just ridiculously, ridiculously, good-looking, smart, properly curated pages in a magazine. So we took this idea beyond 100 pages—we teamed up with the gents from @Pizza to open, what we believe, is the first-ever Pizza Pop-Up Shop in New York City, running April 1st-30th, 2017. Yes, an actual pizza shop filled with delicious pizza and a nice selection of limited-edition pizza apparel + gear. That’s how this whole thing is going down.

As for everything else, it’s pretty self-explanatory. We like pizza, you like pizza, and we made a one-of-a-kind magazine + opened a pop-up shop to celebrate it. We think you’ll like it. Place a delivery order for the Pizza Issue (out now), and check out the details to the @Pizza Pop-Up Shop over here. Order up.

Disclaimer: No lawyer has read this (unless you’re a lawyer reading this), but we advise you don’t eat super hot pizza. Injuries to the mouth may occur.