Weekend at Gurney’s with Bear Grylls?

Yes, yes I know you roughed it while car camping that one time at Hither Hills, complete with a bose speaker, plenty of beer, blueberry buckwheat pancakes and french press coffee in the morning (not saying I have or I haven’t), but Bear Grylls would be ashamed. Having built a career on surviving in the harshest of elements, with a minimal amount of supplies, we think Bear could hold his own on the East End. Except with those ticks. Damn those ticks. I’m sure he’s already eaten a few for his Easter Dinner or something.

Bear In His Element Photo Credit: CNN and the Bear Grylls Ventures

Bear In His Element Photo Credit: CNN and the Bear Grylls Ventures


Anyway, I digress…Bear’s Survival Academy is coming to Montauk’s own Gurney’s, May 1-3, to teach you how to ditch the marshmallow wand (skymall R.I.P.), and learn to make buckwheat from trees you chopped down with your bare fingers. Or something equally as awesome.

And while attendees won’t be learning how to have fun at their bosses Hampton’s home while he’s dead and sitting in the corner (does anyone else realize how disturbing the plot of Weekend at Bernie’s actually is???), they will be learning some crucial lessons on topics such as hypothermia (could have helped in January, thanks Bear), navigation (it’s ONE 2 lane road buddy), and desalination. Basically he could help you become Kevin Costner. For more info check out the Survival Academy on how you can hone your skills to conquer the smoke people of the future. Or just make it through the Summer.

The Beach at Bernie's ... I mean Gurney's Photo Credit: hotels.com- http://www.hotels.com/ho443687/gurneys-montauk-resort-seawater-spa-montauk-united-states/

The Beach at Bernie’s … I mean Gurney’s Photo Credit: hotels.com- http://www.hotels.com/ho443687/gurneys-montauk-resort-seawater-spa-montauk-united-states/