Some Dude with a JetPack is Flying Around the Statue of Liberty

Who would’ve believed that, in 2015, some Joe Lunchbucket would be flying around the Statue of Liberty like he’s Buzz f*cking Lightyear. Let’s remember that there was a time not too long ago when jetpacks were nothing more than cardboard contraptions worn on the backs of small children on the last day of October. Now we’ve got some dudes in Dubai flying above, below and around an Emirites A380 mid-flight, and this — a seemingly chill version of Iron Man going for a mid-day float on the Hudson. This is a totally normal video. Hasn’t even gone viral yet.

If for some ridiculous reason you can’t watch the entire 66 second video, skip to the 48 second mark to watch Joe Lightyear do some spinnies in front of the Statue of Liberty’s face.