[Watch] The Formative Years

New England is stupid beautiful. If we were to go back to the advent of my birth, and my parents were to ask me, “Would you like to be born and raised in New England?” I would say, “No! Mother, father—I am not worthy of being brought up amongst such beauty. Raise me in Florida, so that I can be often miserable, view the Northeast from afar and truly appreciate its seasonal color palette and varied shoreline.” And that’s basically what happened.

In annual appreciation of my favorite run of shoreline in North America, as well as the most photogenic left wedge on the whole coast, we’re rewinding back four years to when Warren Smith, Dion Agius and Sterling Spencer did a stint up yonder. Wes Anderson edits and week run of swell aside, this is a pretty telling clip of just how magical New England gets in its offseason. Enjoy and thank your parents.