An Interview with Violet Benson, the Low-Key Brilliant + Wine-Fueled Imagination Behind @DaddyIssues_

Photo via DaddyIssuesLA

Before we get into it, I want to make one thing clear: I don’t think Violet Benson has the typical “daddy issues” that most of us, via mainstream films like Mean Girls and Clueless, have come to know. Despite the handle of her more-than-well-known Instagram account contending otherwise, I’d argue that her social showcase of comic memes and relatable photos are all little more than contemporary brilliance—one that masterfully transcends and also low-key capitalizes on the popularly-blamed paternal problems that a considerable amount of #young #women on planet Earth overly enjoy identifying with.

Not only does the critically-acclaimed social media personality subtly boast degrees in both business law and accounting, but she also helped launch a genius operation/company that slings six-packs of wine. We were able to get her on the line the other day to discuss some very important topics…like relationship advice from 50 Cent, having a career in competitive drinking, and why her crush of one month doesn’t love her. Uncork the damn thing, below.

Michael Kilcullen: Give us the best piece of relationship advice you have to give via the title of either a 50 Cent album, or a Destiny’s Child greatest hit.

Violet Benson: Haha okay well I actually have three—can I use all three? The first two are from Destiny’s Child. I really like that hit song, “Stand Up For Love.” So thats one piece of relationship advice I would give because I feel like so many people which—by the way hold on. You guys are on speaker, and my cat has a water fountain, and it’s making so much noise.

Alright, I just turned it off. The first I would give is “Stand Up for Love,” which is relationship advice I would give to people. If you love somebody, don’t give up on them. I feel like nowadays, if one thing is wrong with their partner, they’re like, “fuck it” because they’re always looking over their shoulder and they’ll just find someone new. You know? So that’s one piece advice.

The second would be,“Feel the Same Way I Do” —advice for any guy I date. To just, you know, feel the way I do…because it’s usually not the same. Sooo that’s that.

And then from 50 Cent…he has an album that says, “Before I Self Destruct” and I thought that that’s a good relationship advice for people who are in a toxic relationship. To end the relationship before you self-destruct yourself.

MK: Wisdom. Thought you were going to go with “Get Rich or Die Tryin” for the 50 Cent album.

VB: I saw that but then I thought: it’s relationship advice. I guess if you were dating like a 90 year old then, yeah, sure.

MK: What’s the best worst DM you’ve ever received from a male follower?

VB: It wasn’t just one. I’ve gotten numerous of these. Guys nowadays are like, “sending a dick-pic is not telling enough of a story…let me send her a video of me masturbating.” Sooo…that.

MK: Wow, thanks for the visual.

VB: So gross, I know.

MK: You mentioned that creating a wine for your @daddyissues_ family seemed inevitable. Can you recall the first move that officially set creating Fun Wine Co. into motion? We’re you over-served when you signed the contract?

VB: You know, I was thinking about it but I never thought it was a possibility. Finally, Anthony and I connected. We were on the phone, and to hear him talk and to hear how passionate he is with what he does, I was like, “Holy shit—this can actually be a real thing.” And I think that was the first time I was like okay, this is actually happening. And thats when I called my managers and told them.

Also, what does “over-served” mean? Does it mean really drunk? Who uses that term? Is that a new slang?

MK: We were being more reserved . A little less “us”—for the sake of others.

VB: I was like, “Woah, what college did they go to?” I had to Google that.

MK: It means hideously drunk, ridiculously trashed.

VB: Well actually, it’s not legally binding if you’re intoxicated. It’s annoying and I should make a joke but it’s a voidable contract if you’re drunk.

MK: So we’ll say no. That’s awesome that you know that.

VB: Yeah, I was actually on my way to law school. I have a business law degree and accounting degree.

MK: Damn. That makes this next question feel a little bit weird.Have you ever considered a career in competitive drinking, and if you had to register under a different name than Daddy Issues, what would your stage name be?

VB: I’m actually a light weight. I would definitely lose and I would probably die. So no, I’m not good at any type of sport. If I was trying to always lose at something, then I would be into it. One name would be “I Already Regret This.” Another one would be “Forever Alone.” God, there are just so many sad ones, honestly. “Dead on the Inside.”

MK: You’re randomly selected to give the toast at Kanye and Kimmy K.’s wedding vow renewal ceremony. Taylor Swift + crew may or may not be in attendance. What’s your closing line?

VB: I don’t like picking sides, so I would literally do what Kanye does best and say, “I’mma let you guys finish but first, everyone buy my wine on”

MK: What is the most basic bitch in the world doing at this exact moment?

VB: Talking to you guys on the phone.

MK: Fornicate. Betroth. Assassinate. Lord Disick, Bad Girl Ri Ri, Jon Snow. Go.

VB: Fornicate with Rihanna because I feel like she would be so great in bed—just based on her music and the way she acts because it’s sexy as hell. Then I would want to marry Jon Snow because I love him and don’t want to share with anyone. And I guess I’d kill Lord Disick because I don’t have a choice, like, I don’t want to kill him…but I’ll kill him.

MK: Your slogan is “Daddy issues made me do it.” What’s been the most absolutely absurd thing #paternalprobz has made you do?

VB: I’ve definitely blamed all of my terrible past dating relationships on daddy issues. Like I’ve never done anything crazy, like, fuck my cousin or something. But if I did do that…I would blame Game of Thrones, you know?

MK: That excuse might actually hold up. So, you have a Fun Wine six pack (not abdominally-located, unless you have it hidden under your shirt for…whatever reason) that needs to do a Houdini act within an hour and forty seven minutes. Where are you crushing it? Who are you crushing it with? And what single text message do you send your ex-boyfriend when it’s all done?

VB: Drinking it at my place with my best friend for sure. I wouldn’t be texting my ex-boyfriend because I’m so over him, thank God, finally. But I’d probably text my crush that I liked for a month that didn’t work out and say something like, “Why don’t you love me?”.

MK: Anyone you’d like to shout out and give two middle fingers to?

VB: My cat Pancakes, my mobile app Slaymoji, and myself…like, “Hey V, you’re doing great. Don’t give up.” Yeah so…f*ck—whatever, I have no one to shout out.

To further investigate whether or not Violet actually has daddy issues, have a peek and hit the follow button on @DaddyIssues_. Big shoutout to Anthony over @FunWineCo for helping bring this interview to life.