Vice Does Boardy Barn

Photo courtesy of Boardy Barn.

Some guy that writes for Vice went to Boardy Barn and then wrote about his experience in a way that just might have backfired, although a couple of his lines unapologetically verify that he was at Boardy Barn:

“Every girl is named Ashley or Jordan or Morgan. They’re all 23 or 24 and roam with a look that is somewhere between ‘never, in a million years’ and ‘f*ck it, whaddaya got?'”

“…looking at her like she was the only girl who ever lived, like he’d been living alone on a distant planet for 18 years after his spaceship crash landed, but now here she is, and she’s going to save him. He spills half his beer on her as they weave through the crowd.”

“People relentlessly committed to excitement and this Neverland ride of nonsense that feels absolutely essential when you are immersed in it, and then, four days later, so small it’s as if it never happened.”

Check out the whole thing here and don’t forget to read the comments.