Unique NYC Hotels: Gramercy Park Hotel

I love the Gramercy Park Hotel because of its storied history. What is now the Rose Bar was once Babe Ruth’s local watering hole. In the sixties, it was a refuge for many of rock and roll’s now greatest legends. The Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, The Beatles, The Clash and Bob Marley were known to spend time at the hotel between tours. Room 501 is where Blondie’s Debbie Harry and Chris Stein called home in the 70s.

The look: Designed by Julian Schnabel, the hotel exudes a rocker-glam-meets-Goth-meets-Renaissance-style design, mixed with a rotating art gallery from now-owner Aby Rosen’s personal collection.

The rooms: An ornate and somewhat extravagant experience. Schnabel’s artistic vision pays tribute to the hotel’s rocker past, using a color palate of lush greens, deep purples and reds. Furniture is a mix of Renaissance-style custom and vintage pieces, along with leather-top desks, velvet upholstery and dramatic drapes. The hallways are dimly lit, intentionally so, as to add to the overall vibe.

If you go: Gramercy Park, New York’s only private park, is steps away from the hotel and only accessible to residents who live along the park’s perimeters. Hotel guests can also have access, so ask the concierge for the key and take a few minutes to enjoy the park’s tranquility.

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