Why Don’t We Just All Live Underwater?

The motion in the ocean through the lens of the world’s best water photogs and deep answers to life’s greatest nautical question.

Three years into its official existence and the School of Continued Oceanic Education issued a press release recently commenting on the rise in their most popular course, “Why Don’t We Just All Live Underwater,” and requested anyone with decades of experience in and around the water to apply for job openings on their staff. Whalebone Magazine was able to get our hands on the syllabus from this continuously sold-out class, and it reads like something between an itinerary for a day in the life of Jack Johnson and Jacques Cousteau.

We have put together the following campaign to support The School of Continued Oceanic Education’s goals of recruiting new staffers.

Due to Whalebone’s ongoing relationship with a few leading students in the program’s photography department, and the need to recruit in creative ways, we have put together the following campaign to support The School of Continued Oceanic Education’s goals of recruiting new staffers, who might be previously unaware of the school’s mission, into their waters.

Each leading student in the photography department was asked the following question:

“If you had to explain the ocean to a person who has never experienced it, how would you do it?”

They were then asked to provide a short answer along with an example of their work to back up their statement. The following is a preview of a mini recruitment campaign developed by the photography department. Please consider showing this feature to anyone who may be interested in applying.

Ben Thouard

photo Ben Thouard

The ocean is alive and carries our bodies and souls. It’s a place full of energy, very intense where a strong interaction between human and nature is possible. I chose to capture the beauty of these moments thru my photos, and the ocean is an endless source of inspiration.

Justin Burkle

photo Justin Burkle

Due to its sheer size, the ocean remains the most mysterious place on earth. I am drawn to the ocean’s ever-changing moods and the life that is held within it upon which we can only experience one breath at a time.

Juan Oliphant

photo Juan Oliphant

Deep blue that never seems to stop, something that never stops giving life, everything we have as humans is because of the ocean. #coexist

Perrin James

photo Perrin James

The Ocean is one body of water that connects every culture and society, but as soon as you the leave the mirror-like surface that splits our world, it opens up into a natural kaleidoscope living and breathing with the most profane creatures on our earth.

Nick LaVecchia

photo Nick LaVecchia

The feeling and comfort of home, with vastness and energy that’s otherworldly. Listen, and you will see.

Derek Dunfee

photo Derek Dunfee

Water and the ocean have taught me everything I know about life … I surf every single day, no matter how good or bad it is. It doesn’t feel like work, and I’m incredibly inspired to push my big wave photography.