Tripoli Gallery Hits EH

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Tripoli Patterson or Trip as most refer to him as, has been a well-known surfer and art guru on the east end since a young age.

Six years ago, Patterson opened up Tripoli Gallery in Southhampton at 30A Jobs Lane. At that point, coming from the artistic family the Patterson’s are, with siblings all dabbling in art and music, Trip wanted to open up a gallery with the kind of art he saw fitting for his own tastes, as well as installations that he saw fitting of the area and of interest to the community.

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Fast forward to today, and the Tripoli gallery in Southhampton is one of the most well-known art galleries on the east end and is a staple among the Southhampton community as the go-to place to view art. With that success, Patterson has now opened Tripoli Gallery East Hampton, making it his second outpost.

Tripoli Gallery East Hampton was opened to bridge the gap between the art world in the Hamptons among the east and west, and since opening has begun to do so.

The gallery opened its doors on April 28, 2015 with Félix Bonilla Gerena’s, For Lisa show. An exhibit featuring art by  Gerena that consisted of a collection of recent paintings by the Puerto Rican artist, paying homage to the late Lisa de Kooning, a local art icon and daughter to the art legend Willem de Kooning. The exhibition was be on display through May 17. The exhibit is now showing the work of Trip’s talented younger brother Jake Patterson, better known as rapper/artist “Yung Jake,” and his twisted metal III show, which will be on display until June 21.

The gallery opening reportedly went really well as there were many in attendance to congratulate Patterson on his new endeavors and enjoying Gerena’s exhibit. Since then, we have been hearing nothing but good reviews. It’s always nice to hear about the success that local creatives have here on the east end, with Trip being no exception.

As a friend of Whalebone’s we couldn’t be more stoked to share the news with you! Go check out the Tripoli Gallery in East Hampton and even Southhampton, if you make it that far west this summer!


Side note: Check out Trip on page 24 of our inaugural issue, getting barreled off his butt for the “While You Were Out,” Story. Photo by Justin Burkle.